Tinker with natures forces with Aqua Forest game for iPhone: Video

Mobile games, there are a few about and there will be an abundance coming out now that the Apple iPhone 3g is out on the streets. Some of these mobile games are cool, other not so, but this one, although it may not be looked upon as a “game” in the classic game sense is really cool.

Bored iPhoner’s may just get a kick out of Aqua Forest once it hits the AppStore, as rather than have the user meander over meaningless levels pitting their gaming skill against a computer or even multi player network, Aqua Forest lets the iPhone user tinker with the various forces of nature itself.

Play with natures ravage forces, fire, water and wind, Aqua Forest’s 2D “multi-physics engine,” the OctaveEngine Casual, transforms the simple swipe of the user’s finger into an interactive rollercoaster joyride.

Moving your finger will make water spill and flow around just as much as if in real life. What happens when water hits fire? It evaporates, and the possibilities of tinkering with these natural forces does on and on until of course you finally get bored with it or some new mobile game comes out with a vengeance.

Want to see what Aqua Forest looks like? Check out the video below.

Source — toucharcade

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