O2 MMS web service makes photos viewable to all, nice one O2!

Oh dear yet more problems within the mobile world, which seem to be par for the course these days, July is not a very good month for the mobile phone industry it turns out. Nokia and Sony Ericsson had yet more unpleasing financial results they wish to forget, and O2 was bombarded due to the ridiculous Apple iPhone launch, and still things get worse for this telecom.

Revealed by the Inquirer on Saturday, O2’s web application for viewing MMS messages when a bit haywire and actually was letting anyone see user’s private photos of Tom, Dick, and Harry!

The reason for this complete cock-up apparently was because the O2 MMS system requires no authentication to view messages online, all that is needed is a URL and search giant Google has been indexing them all.

Well done on the security front there O2, nice to know you keep your users photos well protected. Let’s hope other personal details don’t become suddenly available shall we! Thankfully O2 have shut down the service for now.

Source — trustedreviews

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