Bluetooth SIG leaks HTC Rose?

It’s always good to get leaked forewarning of a new mobile phone coming out, FCC leaks are usually the best way, occasionally there is a leak from Bluetooth SIG but as always with Bluetooth SIG it is a leak so minuscule it doesn’t actually give you much to go on.

Leaks from Bluetooth SIG are usually a single tablet of undefined and unhelpful information on nothing other than meaningless, and that’s a good scenario. The worse case is handset name or codename, manufacturer and geographic availability and that’s your lot.

Unfortunately this is the case with the HTC Rose; Cellpassion picked up on a Bluetooth SIG leak which shows a mobile phone from HTC that we haven’t heard of before, and to be honest may not hear of again. As it stands the HTC Rose could easily be an Android powered smartphone with 8 megapixel camera, WVGA display and 32GB ROM, we just don’t know.

Alternatively the HTC Rose could well be a Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard with EDGE with a chassis like a Model T Ford…who knows!


2 thoughts on “Bluetooth SIG leaks HTC Rose?”

  1. androidaholic says:

    I guess the HTC ROSE is going to be something big(Android), as it the only HTC phone listed for worldwide availability: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America. Every other HTC phone listed on Bluetooth Sig website only has limited availability like Asia, Europe or North America…

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