Meridian Groups Fly mobile handset gains Opera Mini

Opera Software and Meridian group have announced their joining to pre-install Opera Mini on Meridian Mobile’s new Fly E310 mobile phone. Meridian Mobile’s Fly mobile handset is currently available in the UK, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Russia, and all with pre-installed Opera Mini browser, states a Slashpone report.

Meridian Group and Opera Software joined forces back in April 07 to deliver Opera Mini on most all mobile phone handsets.

Member of the Board of Directors for Meridian Group, Andrew Collinge had this to say: “We aim to provide our customers the best services available. When it comes to offering our customers a fast, secure and cost-efficient Internet service on a mobile phone, the popular Opera Mini browser offers the user an outstanding experience. Accessing the Web could not be easier, as Opera Mini brings the Web to our customers in local languages.”

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