App Store: Par 72 Golf Game available now for iPhone

If you like golf you will be happy to know that you can now have a brand new one for the Apple iPhone.

Par 72 Golf is the very first golf game for the iPhone which is available now; this game has been developed by RESETgame. The Par 72 Golf game features three 18-hole golf courses set in mountain, desert and ocean environments.

Not only that the game also has a choice of female or male avatars, realistic physics and 3D rendered graphics. The game is apparently designed for the busy professional who uses smart phones who want to take time out to relax where the play is easy, fun and very quick.

Not only has the company developed Par 72 Golf, they have also developed the very first 3D shooter game for the iPhone called Tank Ace 1944, Vegas Pool Sharks which is a 3D pool game and Beach Volleyball as well. You can get these games from the App Store now. RESETgame plans on developing many more games for the iPhone and they are pretty excited about the future, the company has only scratched the surface of what is possible on the iPhone.

For more information about these games please visit RESETgame, also check out the App Store.


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  1. Hi Paul

    Click on the App Store icon on your iPhone and then click search, type in “Golf” you will see this game there.

    I have the 3G iPhone, we are guessing it will be the same for the normal iPhone as well.

    Hope this helps

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