Carphone Warehouse and Samsung to stop bullying

We all want to help when it comes to bullying and Carphone Warehouse and Samsung are doing just that.

Carphone Warehouse has teamed up with Samsung to make mobile phone top priority when it comes to safety, the latest Samsung handsets that Carphone Warehouse have to offer have fantastic safety features to give you piece of mind, oh and with a great price. We will be showing you these phones pretty soon.

Some of the features these phones have include text blocking which means you can stop unwanted attention, you will be able to block up to 10 numbers, so bullies beware as help is always at hand against unwanted people.

There is another cool feature called “SOS messaging”, this feature helps if you feel in danger. When you do feel you are in danger all you need to do is press the volume key on these phones 4 times to discreetly alert your parents that you need help.

Next up is “Mobile Tracker”, Mobile Tracker is a good way to make sure you get you lost phone recovered, this works when you phone SIM card is changed over, Mobile Tracker automatically sends an SMS message to a number you¹ve chosen, giving you the details of the user.

Keep coming back as we will show you these back to school phones.

Are you a victim of bullying?

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