Big guns Apple, Palm and RIM sued for patent violation on GSM?

WiAV Solutions, apparently the licensee of quite a few vague patents on the usage of GSM technology in smartphones, although they don’t make anything or even have a website, but has a usual tactic of filing so many lawsuits.

Every heard of them? Well you’ll probably be hearing a great deal about WiAV Solutions because they have just files a lawsuit against Top mobile names Apple, Palm and Research In Motion.

The lawsuit is for violating no less than ten patents on such things as detecting the differences between silence and voice, altering music to accommodate voice, and mobile phone power management.

Apparently, WiAV Solutions is calling for a permanent injunction on the sale of all devices that may allegedly contain their technology, and is asking for damages along with attorney fees.

Although there are a few procedural hurdles to overcome, for one WiAV isn’t the outright owner, but an exclusive licensee of eight patents through Mindspeed, and need to ask the court to join Mindspeed as a plaintiff.

No rumblings from the Apple, Palm, and RIM camps as yet, but expect this one to be drawn out and possibly bloody.

Source — appleinsider

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