Does Apple respect and listen to their iPhone customers?

Slowly Apple is coming round to consider their customer’s wishes when it comes to Apple’s products and services. At last they claimed responsibility for the MobileMe cock-up with Apple mouth Steve Jobs confirming the botch.

A good step forward from a company who has a reputation for being the coldest shouldered un-listening company in the mobile tech arena; however, Apple still cling on to their deep set roots.

Apple’s seemingly unwavering stance on iPhone developers improving the iPhone and iPhone 3G feature set remains the same. Especially with the Apple SDK which essentially forces developers to abide by Apple’s guidelines.

However, good news may be on the horizon as a recent admission by Apple’s Greg Joswaik confirms that Apple is working towards bringing features to the Apple iPhone that customers have actually asked for.

By this we take it to mean the apps such as cut & paste, Flash support, and turn-by-turn GPS navigation and the like. The only problem is Apple will control when those apps are launched or if ever.

The big question here is does Apple have what is takes to open themselves up fully to customer demand and criticism and then reduce the app restrictions on the iPhone. My guess is probably not.

Source — intomobile

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