Be alerted when your mobile rings by Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet.

Ok what we have here is a neat little accessory that lets you know when your mobile phone is ringing; it’s a vibrating bracelet that will vibrate every time your mobile phone rings thus alerting you that you have a call coming in.

So what use is that, my mobile phone vibrates and makes noise I hear you say? Well if you are anything like my wife, when her mobile phone rings audibly she never hears it anyway, and as for vibrating, well if it’s in her handbag the vibration on the mobile is of no use.

This is where this smart bracelet comes into play. If you wear it, no matter if your mobile is in your coat pocket or bag, you’ll be alerted by the bracelets vibration.

So who does it work, well there is a small vibration motor in there along with some Bluetooth gadgetry that ties it all neatly to your mobile phone.

Price wise its $36.99, may be considered too much, but if you get the wife or girlfriend one it’ll stop you pulling your hair out when they just don’t hear their phones.

Source — mobilewhack

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