RIM BlackBerry Thunder on Verizon October 13

RIM the company behind the Blackberry have another phone up their sleeve, the “Thunder” could be on the way to the shops by the 13th October, but we will have to wait and see if this date remains the same over the next few months, we all know launch dates can change suddenly, so don’t throw your old mobile out just yet.

Actually RIM may even decide to change the name of the phone. We only found out about the possible ‘Thunder’ touchscreen beauty through documents that were leaked from Verizon to Boy Genius. We can speculate on the name and the launch date but we have concluded that the model number will be 9530.

The document that was leaked clearly showed “RIM Blackberry BB9530 Global” and it’s believed to be launching on the 13th October, so there you have it – you can continue spreading the word to all your phone addict friends, if RIM do release this one for sale it will be the first touchscreen phone they have released, I can’t wait to get my hands on this phone.

We all know that the Blackberry Bold is launching in the UK this month, and will be the main focus for RIM, but watch out and keep your ear to the ground and see what comes of the Thunder.

Source: engadgetmobile

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