Motorola i365, do looks really matter?

Well they say beauty is only skin deep, well this phone certainly isn’t beautiful with its rugged exterior and almost back in the dark ages look with the antenna protruding from the top, it begs the question what kind of person wants a phone like this?

Well, if you work in the construction industry or somewhere where a dainty little mobile phone isn’t going to stand the abuse of your work environment, then you could be the perfect owner for this phone.

The iDEN has been popular before with the workforce but the new Motorola iDEN i365 mean machine as we like to think of it has push to talk, Bluetooth and GPS, so it does get slightly more interesting on the inside. It’s also compatible with Sprints iDEN network.

You will not find a camera on this phone or an expensive display just a basic phone, we have heard no news on the launch of the Motorola i365 iDen phone but rest assured we will let you know, we can safely say if you’re a iPhone lover this phone is not for you, enough said.

Source: engadgetmobile via Phone Scoop

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