Best Buy to be first third-party Apple iPhone 3G retailer

Well now here some news, Best Buy is officially becoming the first 3rd-party retail outlet to be allowed by Apple to sell the iPhone 3G in their 970 stores and an additional 18 Mobile locations come September 7th.

So now there is somewhere else for our American buddy to purchase the Apple iPhone 3G other than AT&T or Apple stores.

The president of Best Buy Mobile, Shawn Score had this to say: “We had a lot of work to do, obviously, to get in a position where Apple and AT&T would feel good about Best Buy Mobile carrying it, and that’s what we’ve done in the last 18 months.”

Best Buy Mobile will be selling the Apple iPhone 3G handset for the same price as AT&T, and Apple stores at $199.00 and $299.00.

The addition of the Best Buy stores acting as Apple iPhone outlets does raise one point though, and that is, given the current state of supply of the iPhone 3G, will they actually have any in stock?

Source — Yahoo via Engadget

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