MetroPC jumps the CDMA sinking ship for 4G LTE

CDMA carriers are slowly coming round to the idea that CDMA is shuffling its final steps out the door, and although there are still those carriers out there who would have mobile users believe CDMA is superior to the GSM standard, the inevitable fact is that the CDMA days are virtually over.

Therefore, just like Verizon before them, MetroPC is adopting the GSM based LTE network tech for their 4G network.

Long Term Evolution technology as its known allows wireless carriers to work their wireless spectrum more efficiently thus reducing power drawn on mobile phones, and deliver data speeds much faster that current wireless broadband solutions.

So all you CDMA carriers out there in mobile world don’t be digging your stubborn heels in and thinking that CDMA will be around for a whole lot longer because companies are jumping the dying ship. Long term changes of CDMA? So thin it’s almost invisible.

Source — mobileburn via intomobile

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