Android developers app market coming soon from Google

Google has decided to go with what most other platform suppliers are doing these days and go with an Android Market for Android applications, an open content distribution system that will help end users find, purchase, download and install various types of content on their Android-powered devices. (Much like Apple’s App Store)

Apparently, Android developers will be able to submit their content on an open service which will be hosted by Google and will feature a feedback and rating system much like YouTube.

To submit apps to the Android Market there are three steps, register as a merchant, upload the application with a description, and then publish the application. Apparently developers will also be supplied with a dashboard and analytics to help drive their business.

“Developers can expect the first handsets to be enabled with a beta version of Android Market. Some decisions are still being made, but at a minimum you can expect support for free (unpaid) applications. Soon after launch an update will be provided that supports download of paid content and more features such as versioning, multiple device profile support, analytics, etc.”

Further details will be release as and when available.

Source – android-developers.blogspot via macdailynews

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