Available now the Telus’ LG KEYBO in pomegranate

We saw about a month ago that Telus added the LG KEYBO which is also known as the LG enV on Verizon, to its portfolio of phones.

Now Telus the Canadian CDMA carrier have come up with a colourful plan, they decided that black just isn’t good enough and more variety of colour is on order, so the LG KEYBO in pomegranate was born, aimed at the ladies, not sure why they think a man can’t have a pomegranate coloured phone but still, if you are a pretty full on texter then I think the LG KEYBO and you will become best friends with its full QWERTY keyboard which will get your texting speeds up to scratch.

As always taking a closer look at this phone, you will find Bluetooth, a -in GPS and a microSD memory card, music player and a QVGA screen, and like the original black KEYBO, the new pomegranate colour device has TELUS mobile music, Windows Live messenger and TELUS navigator. You can pick this up for about CA$49.99 on a three year contract the same as before.

Source: intomobile


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