O2 releases NFC technology results: payment by mobile

O2 have now released the results of its NFC-based “Wallet” trial and all looks good for contactless payments in the UK for the future. This experiment being one of the largest such experiences in Europe, O2 taking 6 months to perform the experiment using 500 volunteers, they were all given the Nokia 6131 NFC mobile phone enabled with the Barclay and Oyster credit card payment abilities.

The reports showed O2 that nine out ten volunteers were happy using the NFC technology on the Handset, and 78 percent said they would be interested in using the contactless service when it is available. There were a huge 89 percent of volunteers interested in using the mobile phone Oyster payment.

Choice of handset seemed to be the only negative comments from the volunteers as there is not many around, but they all loved the ease-of-use, convenience and the status of having the device. We think it’s a great idea the thought of just carrying your mobile out at night sounds fantastic, although I guess you would be guarding your NFC mobile with your life.

Source: pocket-lint

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