Snow Patrol first interactive album for the Apple iPhone

The first artists to deliver an interactive album application for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch is to be Snow Patrol, ahead of their fifth audio album next month.

The app will be downloadable and will enable Snow Patrol iPhoner fans to access extra content which will include behind the scenes images, lyrics via the touch-screen of their iPhone, and artwork.

This marks the first time a music artist has made use of the Apple iPhone’s extra capabilities.

Liz Goodwin, product manager of Ploydor, says: “It will be an interactive element; a digital booklet that will take you into the videos and content. For fans it will be a real must-have, and the fact that they are the first band to do this gives us an additional angle for exposure.”

Source — musicweek via macdailynews


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  1. The diversity of business models now available to music consumers is a major step forward including Apple’s greatly enhanced digital liner notes. However, it is clear that many consumers are no longer happy with the restrictions of DRM which, understandably, with the biggest market share for downoads by far, Apple has not yet addressed. At We7, we have always taken the view that all our content should be DRM free and therefore playable on any device, including content from major labels Sony BMG, Warner and yesterday we signed a similar deal with EMI.

    Steve Purdham
    CEO – We7

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