Toughphone LM801 is not a Sonim but a Condurro

If there is one thing the LM801 rugged mobile phone with laser pointer isn’t it’s a Sonim, as the CEO of Sonim, the maker of the overbuilt XP1, stated quite clearly that they do not have any association with Condurro, which is the company advertising the LM801.

A sit happens, Condurro are actually a direct competitor to Sonim, and with them selling the LM801 rugged mobile phone at £148.88, that’s roughly $270.00 retail, it looks as if Condurro is putting the pressure on.

Sonim has been the name for rugged tough mobile phones, so one wonders if this Condurro LM801 can actually live up to its tough appareance.

Source — Condurro via Engadget


7 thoughts on “Toughphone LM801 is not a Sonim but a Condurro”

  1. Hi, Durrocomm sell the LM801 under the condurro name. Durrocomm also cover the warranty European wide and cover for a 3 year warranty compared to the 12 month warranty available via ebay. Durrocomm also support future upgrades on the software for the phone which I doubt the company selling the phone does. I would also look at the feedback on the company selling this item as this maybe of concern. Also the LM801 Condurro product is available with all the above via the Durrocomm website at £149.99 inc VAT

  2. jason says:

    am thinking of buying a “tough phone” but was wondering how this rates against the sonim and samsung, both of which seem to get some poor reveiws. Any ideas?

  3. John McDermott says:

    The Durrocomm in inherently faulty. Do NOT buy this phone. The company (of Swindon, SN8 3RH UK) are also refusing to refund me! It took a light tap and the screen became unreadable, not to mention the torch stopped working after 3 days, and the charger lacks any dexterity and is easily broken.

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