AOL and iPhone working together on Mobile Advertising

Time Warner’s internet business, AOL has announced that they are partnering with the iPhone and seriously moving forward into the Mobile advertising world. It was only last year the company moved its headquarters into Madison Avenue, setting up a company group called Platform A to deal with its advertising service.

AOL is looking to transform itself into a ad-support portal, similar to that of MSN and yahoo, it started cutting back its e-mail and other subscription web services last year gearing up for the transformation.
Mobile ad company, Third Screen Media was brought by AOL last year, and they have recently started selling ad inventory across multiple mobile ad networks.

According to AOL, they will be able to deliver banner advertising optimized for viewing on the iPhone, they can also help advertisers reach iPhone users on WAP and Web pages. Platform-A are looking to deliver up to a monthly figure of 75 million ads to iPhone users, and they are confident that they will be able to do this using Third Screen networks and Advertsing.com

Source: blog.wired

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