Boehret reviews the Touch Diamond for WSJ: Not too impressed

As with most new mobile phones, as soon as they can get their hands on a handset the WSJ give it a thorough going over. This time round it falls to Katherine Boehret to do the honours for the as yet still-not-official Sprint Touch Diamond.

And as with most WSJ reviews there is the mention of Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone just as often as the actual handset they are reviewing, but while Boehret does seem quite impressed with the HTC hardware, it’s the software that got right up her nose apparently.

Boehret states that “despite its handsome TouchFLO 3D software and animated icons, the device failed to disguise the frustrating interface of Windows Mobile often enough for [her] taste.”

Other than the TouchFLO 3D, she went on to moan about the “cramped” keyboard, which was to her feelings “next to impossible “to use with her fingertips. She did however send praises for the browser.

Source — WSJ via Engadget

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