iPhone 3G hip case from Marware C.E.O. Premiere

Are you looking for a hip case to keep your iPhone 3G safe? Well we have a gorgeous one here from the Apple Store that actually looks very similar to a purse, it’s a Marware C.E.O. Premiere, and is made from perforated leather, and is complimented by a contrast in stitching.

It also has a very minimalist permanent belt clip. The iPhone hipcase is made from soft Napa leather and has a microfibre interior, so you can really feel the quality. The case opens to the side so you can access the iPhone so you can get to the headphone minijack and sleep wake button easily, the iPhone is also held firmly in place in the case by a secure flap using Velcro.

You can purchase one of these handy iPhone 3G hip cases for $34.95 and you can get from the Apple store.

Source: store.apple

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