iPhone IMEI number reveals quantity of iPhone 3Gs manufactured

An Apple iPhone 3G handset was purchased on August 30th from an AT&T store in Sunnyvale, California, that Apple iPhone 3G carries the so-called IMEI number 01 171400 6049xx x, the last number’s have been x’d out for safety purposes.

To the everyday guy or girl that number would mean nada, but if you happen to be an Apple watcher, then that number relates to quite a significant milestone with the Apple iPhone 3G.

The number gives a sign to those in the know that Apple iPhone sales could just well be running quite a bit ahead of predictions.

Every Apple iPhone 3G has an IMEI number, and by tracking those numbers it can be said that as of August 30th Apple has manufactured 5,649,000 Apple iPhone 3G handsets.

Source — CNN

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