Keep your Apple iPhone charged with the Battery Adapter PRO

Scared of running out of juice when you most need it on your iPhone? You know when you didn’t quite make it home, and now you are frantically looking at your iPhone hoping that last bit of power will last until you make it home. Well fear no more! The Apple iPhone Battery Adapter PRO allows you to charge your iPhone using just four standard AA batteries when combined with the miniSync.

You will find an extendable cord with the USB power connector allowing you to pull it out of the battery pack when you need to, and of course when you have finished you can push it back out of the way.

The iPhone Battery Adapter is more than a power source it has another use, in the way of a super bright triple LED flashlight allowing you light in a dark space. The Battery Adapter PRO will set you back around $24 but you will need to purchase the MiniSync separately.

Source: boxwave

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