Q2 08 sees huge US mobile internet usage jump

3G usage in the United States is now surpassing that of Western Europe so it doesn’t surprise when we hear that the US mobile internet usage has increased by virtually a third in 08.

According to Crisp Wireless the increased mobile internet traffic note the some of these trends… Sports fans check scores and highlights during their favourite games, with highest traffic on evenings and weekends. Local news is viewed mostly in the morning, while national news is viewed continuously throughout day. Visits per unique visitor increased marginally from 2.02 visits per unique visitor in 1Q08 to 2.06 in 2Q8.

Furthermore: Women visit the mobile web late at night and early in the week mirroring their online habits; and young girls are browsing late night, especially on the weekend. Users typing property or site names drove 28.9% of search engine traffic. Average page views per visit decreased slightly from 3.96 in 1Q08 to 3.77 in 2Q08. For sites that have an on-deck presence on all 3 major carriers, carrier decks are driving 45.74% of overall traffic; which is down from 53.4% in Q1 2008.
With more and more 3G mobile phones becoming available mobile internet access is on the increase.

Source — cellular-news via intomobile

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