FCC approves Samsung i907 Omnia for AT&T

Information leaked from the US FCC has revealed the US HSPDA Samsung Omnia is heading for the AT&T network carrying the handle the Samsung i907 Omnia.

When originally announced, the Samsung Omnia was initially tri-band UMTS support; however it seems Samsung are in a hurry to change things with this latest new US Omnia version.

This isn’t a great surprise as there were already whispers that while the orginal Samsung i900 Omnia is UMTS 2100MHz, future versions for the US would support 850/1900MHz.

Further information coming from the FCC speak of the Samsung i910 Omnia being nothing less than a CDMA version, and is set to go with Verizon Wireless.

Source — GSMarena


One thought on “FCC approves Samsung i907 Omnia for AT&T”

  1. Pat says:

    I have had my Omnia i900 unlocked version for some time and love it. It is unlocked and is wonderful. It doesn’t have the “bloatware” that AT&T and Verizion have stuffed in there. So, get one, but get it without all their junk added and you will be pleased you did. There are many apps you can add to this phone too.For those of you that need or want a slide out keyboard or not use a stylus, then go with another phone, cause this one you need the stylus, and there is no slide out keyboard. Mine is a 16gb with added 16gb sd card. I have added movies and music with tons of room to spare in memory. Overall this is a great phone. Much better than the iphone, by far.

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