DeviceAnywhere Brings iPhone 3G To Life: Mobile Application Developers Worldwide

Thousands of Developers can now build applications directly on Apple’s New iPhone 3G from the convenience of their desktops.

(San Mateo Calif., USA), September 9, 2008 – DeviceAnywhere(tm), the leading global provider of end-to-end solutions for the mobile development lifecycle, today unveiled the new Apple iPhone 3G as the latest addition to its expanding roster of mobile devices available to developers worldwide over an Internet-based service. This new addition marks another significant milestone for the company, which released the first generation of the iPhone device last year at the CTIA Wireless & Entertainment Conference in San Francisco. With this release, DeviceAnywhere brings the only solution to the mobile marketplace that offers developers a simple, direct connection to more than 1500 mobile devices – now including first and second generation iPhone handsets, to optimize their development efforts without having to physically acquire the devices.

With the addition of the new iPhone 3G, DeviceAnywhere users will also be able to capitalize on the latest new features available on the device. For example: * Users can test downloading their application through the AppStore * Users can test how fast their Web sites loads on the 3G network

DeviceAnywhere will be demonstrating the iPhone on DeviceAnywhere at the CTIA Wireless & Entertainment Conference in San Francisco, CA (September 10-12) in Booth #751.

According to William Ho, Research Director (Wireless Services) at Current Analysis: “Applications have become a major part of the iPhone’s appeal since the arrival of the App Store. Whatever the issues that Apple has faced over the performance of the iPhone 3G, it has done little to dampen the enthusiasm of application developers who have been creating more and more applications for the platform.”

DeviceAnywhere is a revolutionary online service used by thousands of mobile organizations and their developers. It provides access to real mobile handsets that are each connected to live networks.

These devices are accessible remotely over the Internet, allowing users to interact in real time to ensure all development, porting, testing, and monitoring needs are met. The DeviceAnywhere service uses actual, physical handsets to provide developers with the same experiences as having the devices in hand.

“With the addition of the iPhone 3G to DeviceAnywhere, we are leveling the playing field for application developers around the world,” commented Faraz Syed, CEO of DeviceAnywhere. “It can be tough, not to mention expensive, for developers to get hold of the right devices on the right networks, so this should come as welcome relief for the many application developers who are building apps for the iPhone platform .”

To access the iPhone 3G, simply register to trial DeviceAnywhere, please visit www.deviceanywhere.com. Once registered, users have access to three free hours on the system. Existing users are able to access the iPhone 3G through their standard DeviceAnywhere subscriptions.

Additional DeviceAnywhere features – such as monitoring and test automation – are also available on the iPhone 3G, empowering users to more efficiently create better applications and content for the

About DeviceAnywhere
DeviceAnywhere is an award-winning product that provides convenient and cost-effective end-to-end solutions for mobile content development, monitoring, testing and deployment – enabling application developer to bring better content to market faster than ever before. Its unique Direct-to-Device(tm) technology provides access to real handsets in live global networks, from anywhere.

DeviceAnywhere currently supports more than 1500 devices on over 25 different carrier networks worldwide, with locations in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany, and Japan. To learn more about DeviceAnywhere – and to sign up for a free, three-hour trial – please visit www.deviceanywhere.com.

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