Latest Ovi elements showcased by Nokia

Nokia is to demonstrate online the new personal info management sync functionality of Ovi.com, along with Nokia Ovi Suite for PC and Files on Ovi.

Vice President of Product and Portfolio Management in Nokia‘s Services & Software business, Jussi Nevanlinna, says: “Today we are showing people how you can easily backup, sync and share your content using Ovi services on your PC, the web and your mobile device.”

The different elements of Ovi help users manage their personal info and media via a simply unifies interface.

Jussi Nevanlinna, continues: “Our stepwise approach to rolling out and integrating these and other elements of Ovi lets us learn and adjust according to the feedback we receive from people, so that we can constantly improve the user’s experience of our services. We recognize that in the services business bringing something new to market is not the end of its development – it’s only the beginning.”

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