Leaked specs for HTC Opal previously HTC Touch

More on the HTC precious stones, this time mobile phone biz has the product cycles and measurements. HTC has managed to ship in excess of 2 million of their HTC Touch smartphones, but the HTC Touch Pro and Touch Diamond seem to have pushed the HTC Touch to the backburner.

So HTC give the HTC Touch a cosmetic makeover along with a hardware refresh and bob’s your uncle, the HTC Opal appears. Word is the HTC Opal should stay true the HTC Toucxh design aesthetic.

The Opal has the TI OMAP 200MHZ processor along with 2.8 inch touch-screen display same as the HTC Touch. Windows Mobile 6.1 runs the show with HTC’s slick TouchFLO interface.

Source — smartmobilegadgets

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