RIM fed up with AT&T gives BlackBerry Storm to Verizon

What with the plague of delays with the BlackBerry Bold, and the infighting between Research In Motion and AT&T, it seems quite obvious that RIM would deliver their touch-screen Storm to Verizon Wireless which will probably happen come November.

Once the Research In Motion BlackBerry Storm hits Verizon in the US there’s talk of it going for just $199.00 on a 2 year contract and rebates.

So what happened, well AT&T told RIM to make a 3G phone, the Bold, even though 3G wasn’t RIM’s line, and AT&T seems to want every mobile phone user on their 3G network. So Rim did, and has become fed up with AT&T in the process so the BlackBerry Strom goes to Verizon, simple.

Source — BGR


2 thoughts on “RIM fed up with AT&T gives BlackBerry Storm to Verizon”

  1. E173 says:


    I’ve been undecisive between Verizon’s XV6900 and Blackberry Curve…and to have the best of both worlds (BB and Touch)…

    Can’t wait til it comes out!!!

  2. OverTheRainbow says:

    The sale of the Blackberry Storm by Verizon has less to do with in fighting between AT&T/RIM than it has to do with simple business mechanics of the mobile phone business.

    Rumors of the Blackberry Storm were confirmed back on May 13th, with a indication that Verizon/Vodafone would be the carriers (bear in mind this was only 1 day after the Bold was even formally announced). Verizon lacked a real, upper-tier touchscreen competitor to the iPhone in their line-up and the Storm/Thunder was their answer.

    To claim that RIM agreed to release the Storm on Verizon’s network for reasons that would not even materialize for another 4 months seems a bit far fetched.

    This is just Verizon landing a good phone to catch up in a market their lacking in; `Dollars and cents, really….