RIM fed up with AT&T gives BlackBerry Storm to Verizon

What with the plague of delays with the BlackBerry Bold, and the infighting between Research In Motion and AT&T, it seems quite obvious that RIM would deliver their touch-screen Storm to Verizon Wireless which will probably happen come November.

Once the Research In Motion BlackBerry Storm hits Verizon in the US there’s talk of it going for just $199.00 on a 2 year contract and rebates.

So what happened, well AT&T told RIM to make a 3G phone, the Bold, even though 3G wasn’t RIM’s line, and AT&T seems to want every mobile phone user on their 3G network. So Rim did, and has become fed up with AT&T in the process so the BlackBerry Strom goes to Verizon, simple.

Source — BGR


2 thoughts on “RIM fed up with AT&T gives BlackBerry Storm to Verizon”

  1. Finally!

    I’ve been undecisive between Verizon’s XV6900 and Blackberry Curve…and to have the best of both worlds (BB and Touch)…

    Can’t wait til it comes out!!!

  2. OverTheRainbow says:

    The sale of the Blackberry Storm by Verizon has less to do with in fighting between AT&T/RIM than it has to do with simple business mechanics of the mobile phone business.

    Rumors of the Blackberry Storm were confirmed back on May 13th, with a indication that Verizon/Vodafone would be the carriers (bear in mind this was only 1 day after the Bold was even formally announced). Verizon lacked a real, upper-tier touchscreen competitor to the iPhone in their line-up and the Storm/Thunder was their answer.

    To claim that RIM agreed to release the Storm on Verizon’s network for reasons that would not even materialize for another 4 months seems a bit far fetched.

    This is just Verizon landing a good phone to catch up in a market their lacking in; `Dollars and cents, really….

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