$5 billion revenue from touch-screen mobiles in 2009

Touch-screens have been available for quite a while and it was the Apple iPhone that actually refocused the public eye on the touch-screen unlike never before.

In 2007, shipments of touch-screen mobile devices increased 91 percent, and ABI Research forecasts touch-screen mobile phones revenue will reach $5 billion in 09.

Kevin Burden, research director for ABI Research says, “Nearly all mobile handset manufacturers are getting into touch screens to a greater or lesser extent. The acceptance of touch screens to date has varied by geographic region, which has been a significant factor in determining the success of individual handset vendors.”

Source — ABI


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  1. The trend is almost certainly towards touchscreen technology – and it’s not just the iPhone leading but all the others as well (including us!). The technology is now quite mature; the challenge for the future is building apps and software that take full use of the touchscreen – from web browsing to on-phone photo and video editing.

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