iFuntastic 6 available now for iPhone firmware 2.0.2

Available now for iPhone firmware v2.0.2 is the popular program for modding your iPhone iFuntastic. Taking a closer look at some of the new features iFuntastic 6 offers we can tell you that it will have WinterBoard Support allowing you to create your own WinterBoard themes, it will allow you to define and transform your application icon using the image editor.

iFuntastic also now has a Bit Pit feature which transfer simplified data to and from the mobile, copies text messages and notes off the phone and allows you to switch between signatures on the fly using Email signature themes.

The full version of iFuntastic 6 will cost $19.95, or a 3 day trial for $4.95, if you’re looking to upgrade then it will cost $9.95. As before the iFuntastic only supports Mac computers.

Source: iphoneworld via ifuntastic

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