3G iPhone is set for huge sales with the run-up to Christmas

Apple’s 3G iPhone is selling fast, two months after it was launched, it’s estimated that sales are in the region of around 27,000 per week. However, in the first two weeks the 3G iPhone went on sale it racked up 50,000 sales per week.

It’s reported that the iPhone’s advertising campaign has much to do with the success of the sales, a source close to the matter has said that the sale of the iPhone takes between 4 and 6 percent of the handset market.

The O2 and Apple relationship is still going strong according to a spokeswoman for O2, and they hope to keep the exclusivity for future Apple devices. O2 have unveiled the price for the 8GB 3G iPhone which is £350, and £400 for the 16GB. Both Apple and O2 are confident about sales with the run up to Christmas.

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