Apple iPhone 3G Vs BlackBerry Pearl in water test

Sounds crazy but this BlackBerry and iPhone 3G test was a complete freak accident but I thought I would share it with you all.

I was laying on the beach in Ibiza last week soaking up the sun, with my beach bag of holiday essentials that included my BlackBerry Pearl, my Sony Cyber-Shot camera and my 80GB iPod, a huge un-expected wave came over us and woke us up, making a mad dash for our belongings and bags, one of which was home to my mates brand new iPhone 3G! We salvaged the wet offerings and put them all out to dry, praying that the wave hadn’t destroyed our much loved BlackBerry and iPhone 3G.

We tested the Apple iPhone 3G and it was completely dead, the iPod and Cybershot camera died too. But, my BlackBerry Pearl is still working completely fine, although sand has lodged itself in all grooves, the BlackBerry Pearl survived. What’s even more shocking is that the Blackberry Pearl was without the case and in the least waterproof bag. I will now be investing in waterproof everything for my gadgets for my next holiday.


One thought on “Apple iPhone 3G Vs BlackBerry Pearl in water test”

  1. Iphone3Gs says:

    i forgot my pearl 8130 in my swimming shorts one time, it was in the pleather case but the case was still about 70% submerged when i realized the phone was in my pocket (pushing jet ski off shore).

    so ya …. the pear is certainly made for some serious conditions, you wouldnt think such a small blackberry would be so versatile but it is. Ive dropped it in snow when i went snowboarding, had it on my jet ski in a towel.

    Great little phone, sadly i have an iphone 3gs now. Kinda regretting the upgrade 🙁 Miss all of the freedom in the bb interface, so many programmable ring styles, no issues saving or sending files across bluetooth. Maybe apple will realize we all hate their shitty ideas.

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