Are smartphones becoming too advanced? Some think so

The advancement of technology in mobile phones continues on, but just how far is technology going to take the smartphone? Are today’s smartphones so smart they make all other mobile phones look dumb?

Some seem to think so and so The 1100 Club has been formed (no not the car 1100 club) but a club named after one of the most popular Nokia mobile phones, the Nokia 1100, which has sold in excess of 200 million worldwide.

The Nokia 1100 is “a very simple phone that makes calls and does text messages, just like every other one of the three billion GSM phones out there.”

My personal view is a mobile phone be it a Nokia 1100 or an Apple iPhone 3G, a phone is a phone is a phone, as long as I can call or text, all else is really superficial. But the question is…could you live without your smartphone?

Source — Nokia Conversations


2 thoughts on “Are smartphones becoming too advanced? Some think so”

  1. hardmanb says:

    I understand. I am considering a simple phone plus an iTouch, as i don’t mind carrying two devices. Either the Nokia 1100 or something similar, but with a better camera.

    Decisions, decisions.

  2. I had a Nokia 1100 and it was a great phone. I now have a Nokia e71 and it is great as well.

    Currently, I use the e71 and I got a red 1100 for my wife.
    It is a simple Phone, great battery life, great reception, easy to use and well made.

    The Nokia 1100 was and is a terrific phone.
    Oh, and I used to have my email forwarded to it when I had that phone.

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