T-Mobile App Store detailed in interview

T-Mobile is to soon be offering an Apple App Store type mobile app store of their own. As yet there is very little information on the T-Mobile App Store, and T-Mobile seems to be trying to keep a lid on it until they are ready.

But snippets of information are hitting the net waves, and according to a report over at BGR, T-Mobile’s director of product development for mobile apps and partner programs, Venetia Espinoza, and Sue Schmitz, product marketing manager of the devPartner program, were interviewed during CTIA and came out with a few points…

Apparently the initial store will offer paid and free apps but no advertising, there will be no Android and Sidekick apps allowed, revenue split will be 50-50, T-Mobile will provide demo handsets and virtual lab, no API available but maybe in future, free apps at no cost to developer but bandwidth capped, developer agreement goes live on T-mobile site next week.

Source — BGR

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