Apple iPhone 2.1 firmware tightens up security

Apple iPhone firmware 2.1 is now out and Apple has put out the details on just what the changes are; most deal with the Apple iPhone security issues that were identified in 2.0 and 2.0.2 firmware release.

So just what are those security fixes… FreeType vulnerabilities have been shored up; an update to the Application Sandbox to enforce proper access restrictions; Passcode Lock has been corrected to fix the emergency call exploit.

Also… WebKit has been updated to address CSS import statements that were causing problems; TCP initial sequence numbers are now randomly generated to stop attackers from spoofing TCP connections; mDNSResponder has been updated to reduce susceptibility to DNS cache poisoning.

Basically what all this means is the Apple iPhone firmware 2.1 makes your Apple iPhone more secure.

Source — Yahoo via Intomobile

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