Why does the original iPhone still command such high prices?

With the launch of the popular Apple iPhone 3G you’d expect everyone would be after dumping their first generation in favour of the latest version and that 3G.

However, it appears that the first generation Apple iPhone is fetching amazing priced on the second-hand market, and the amazing thing is that the original Apple iPhone somehow still commands the majority of its value.

The reason for this is relatively simple, an original Apple iPhone purchased from pre-owned resellers such as eBay come sans AT&T contract and therefore can quite easily be unlocked to work on other carriers.

So if you still have your original and want to offload it, now is probably a good time to grab back some of the cash you spent out.

Source — businessweek via engadget


One thought on “Why does the original iPhone still command such high prices?”

  1. vlad senszive says:


    Unlocked regular iphones fetch alot on the black market. This is because the methods to get around apple’s security have been around longer for the original, and more easily implimented.

    The root of the issue stemmed from the iphones not being sold worldwide through official channels. Now they have made a deal with the Soviets:

    Apple Breaks Through Russian Lines


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