Apple iPhone 2.1 OS jailbroken by PwnageTool 2.1

The iPhone Dev Team has released their latest version of PwnageTool, and it is said this latest version will get all Apple iPhone 3G owners updated to iPhone 2.1 OS full jailbreak app compatibility while holding on to the older basedand firmware.

However if you prefer the quick jailbreak with a full restore then the iPhone Dev team have QuickPwn 1.1 for you to try. QuickPwn quickly jailbreaks the iPhone and iPhone 3G with the lengthy iPhone “Restore” process.

Both PwnageTool 2.1 and QuickPwn 1.1 can be downloaded as a torrent file.

Source — intomobile


One thought on “Apple iPhone 2.1 OS jailbroken by PwnageTool 2.1”

  1. Jhakir says:

    I want to update my already jailbroken iPhone to the lastest firmware 2.1, but I don’t want to do a complete restore and lose all my data. How can I do that?