Babelingo 1.2: iPhone language help whilst traveling

Next time you are in Japan and trying to explain a cup of coffee to a Japanese waiter, grab your i-Phone and as long as you have Babelingo 1.2 installed you won’t get stuck with the lingo.

It’s not Just Japanese that Babelingo offers phrases in, other languages include, Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, Chinese Hindi and Czech. I wouldn’t say that Babelingo is any competitor to Babefish or Google Translate as it only offers around 300 words phrases in its dictionary. But the words and phrases it does offer are the most common and useful for a tourist trying to get by.

You do not need to be on-line to use this great iPhone travel phrase book, its designed to work without any internet connection, you can add phrases to your favourites for quick reference, You can purchase Babelingo 1.2 for $5.99 from the Apple AppStore.

Source: iphoneworld