Virgin Mobile will release Helio Ocean 2 in 2009

Virgin Mobile, having taken over Helio leads to the question what will happen to Helio’s Ocean mobile phone? Well apparently Jayne Wallace, Virgin Mobile spokeswoman has confirmed that Virgin Mobile will be releasing the Helio Ocean 2 sometime in 09.

According to Wallace: “The Ocean 2 is not going to be 2008.It has been manufactured, and there is a commitment to putting it on the market, but it’s going to be in early 09 … just because the shell has been manufactured doesn’t mean it should be released right now. We want to put it out when it’s the best it can be.”

Apparently Virgin Mobile may also be thinking of jumping on the bandwagon of Sprint’s WiMax sometime in the future as well as planning just what to do with Helio’s handsets and services.

Source — pcmag


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