3 claim O2 is not good enough for the Apple’s 3G iPhone

3 network claims iPhone was wrong by picking O2 as its network at its annual summer ball last week. Bernie O’Beirne, 3’s indirect sales director said: ‘We are hell bent on doubling the size of the business.’ 3 also promised retailers, dealers and distributors that 3 are serious about doubling the size of its business with new initiatives.

O’Beirne also claimed that they are ready for rapid growth, after grabbing a 40 percent share of Skype’s business and building the biggest 3G network.

O’Beirne also hinted that he would use any cuts to offer ‘all you can eat’ voice bundles. One controversial thing that O’Beirne claimed was that Apple had picked the wrong partner with O2. He said ‘The iPhone is not on the right network, a handset is only as good as its operator.’

Source: mobiletoday


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  1. Hola: deseo que ayuden con el softwarre del 3 skype S1 ya que lo tengo en Clombia y está sin liberar, pues me han comentado que el telefono es muy bueno y lo quiero disfrutar.
    Muchas gracias.

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