Is Apple banning apps from the App Store unnecessarily?

It appears that Apple Inc will not allow any tethering applications at the Apple iTunes App Store, and therefore NetShare will no longer be available via the iTunes App Store.

There are several similar reports floating round the net from various developers whose applications for the Apple iPhone have been abruptly removed and subsequently banned from the Apple iTunes App Store.

These banned applications according to the developers have been removed and banned without any violations of Apple’s terms of service, and unfortunately means all unfortunate news for the Apple iPhone platform end user.

Source — nullriver


One thought on “Is Apple banning apps from the App Store unnecessarily?”

  1. David Gerard says:

    Microsoft is really losing it in the evil stakes these days. They used to be really good at evil. Now Apple is kicking their backsides for evil. When Steve Jobs goes “MuWAAAhahahaha!”, the brainwashed minions listen. His henchmen are really loyal, not just getting paid to be. Poor Ballmer.