Apple’s iTunes to run HBO shows

HBO show are being added to Apples iTunes TV offerings, so fantastic news for the TV addicts who are obsessed with the best American TV has to offer said Apple.

It has not gone un-noticed that HBO was missing from the channel list, but lucky you will now be able to watch season one and five of The Wire and Entourage with Sopranos and Rome also on offer although not all the series are on offer, unfortunately they are only offering early and late episodes, but if you are a sex in the city fan then you will be able to see the full series.

It hasn’t been disclosed as to when they will load more of the Wire series so will have to wait until Apple get their act together with than one. If you wondering what it will cost to watch you’re the latest episode available of sex in the city then you will be digging deep for £1.89 for any episode of your favourite they have on offer. But hey with 7Digitials new 100 percent DRM- free service shouldn’t Apple be worrying about that than the latest TV show.

Source: stuff.tv