New Nokia Nseries video project announced

Nokia has announced the new Nokia Nseries video project from writer director Mike Hodgkinson, which is a new music video for “Surfing at 32ºF”.

Mike Hodgkinson, says: “Each of the Nokia Nseries devices I used was perfectly suited to the kind of experimental, ‘out-there’ shots I wanted to capture for ‘Surfing at 32ºF’. For example, as a highly compact slider, the Nokia N95 slotted neatly into the customized pouch I attached to my fishing-line monorail, while the flip-out screens on the Nokia N93 and N93i allowed me to cover the lens with DIY color filters quickly and easily.”

“Surfing at 32ºF,” has been shot using Nokia Nseries handsets the Nokia N93, Nokia N93i and Nokia N95.

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