Google Android HTC Dream not ready to take on Apple iPhone?

Apparently industrial workers who have worked on Google’s new Android operating system have said the Android will struggle this year to match the enthusiasm which was generated by the Apple iPhone 3G.

The Apple iPhone 3G redefined the touch-screen mobile market, whereas Google sees the Android as an open source platform for encouraging developers to tinker and play with the system to create better mobile services and programs.

Rajeev Chand, a wireless analyst at the investment bank Rutberg, who has tried out an early version of Android, says: “I’m not sure the consumer experience is significantly better than that of the iPhone. When the iPhone came out, the experience was several orders of magnitude better than anything that was out there.”

The first Google Android based “gPhone” is to be the HTC Dream and is expected to launch on September 23rd in New York.

Source — infotech