Pogo Stylus for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch available

Most Apple iPhone users use their fingers to operate the finger friendly touch-screen iPhone, but this didn’t sway Ten One Design from producing a special stylus for the iPhone called the Pogo.

The Pogo Stylus for the Apple iPhone has an ultra-light aluminium body whit laser graphics and anodised finish. The Pogo’s soft tip glides easily over the display and eliminates the finger smudges and grease marks often seen on touch-screens.

The Pogo Stylus had been designed to hug the Apple iPhone 3G while the Pogo Stylus clip will keep it close to hand, and costs just $19.99.

So what do you think? I know the fingerprint and smudges do annoy most iPhoners, but would a stylus offer much else?

Source — cnet