WiMax Vs 3G mobile service?

With 3G being the third generation cellular mobile service and being high on the agenda of mobile phone talk, Analysts are now saying the only real competitor to 3G is WiMax (Worldwide Operability of Microwave Access mobile).

Users will be thrilled to know that some operators have commissioned WiMax services and are doing field trials already, WiMax will allow mobile users to get real cinema clippings of the song on the mobile screen instead of ring back tone, if you could actually watch the actual rugby match when dialed for commentary bring the best in high speed data and advanced digital video streaming to your mobile.
The service should be available early next year and is causing excitement for existing players as well as new entrants, the new wireless environment is seems to be good news for everyone.

There is massive scope for the DVBH-Digital Video Broadcasting on Handheld, and mobile operators with an enhanced band will enhance services like real-time video casting of functions, event and parties. WiMax can be used for a number of applications including hotspots, cellular backhaul, fixed mobile, mobile, high speed enterprise connectivity and mile Broadband services.

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