Possible 32GB Apple iPhone 3G and activate-in-home option?

The latest whispers on the Apple iPhone 3G to hit the net waves is that Apple is about to boost the top end iPhone 3G’s capacity up to a nice 32GB.

If true the move to a 32GB Apple iPhone could be because the 8GB inventory is drying up, and thus leads to the speculation that it is going to be dropped.

The timing for this seems just a tad odd on the heels of the Apple Let’s Rock iPod refresh, however when you take into consideration how Apple was forced to boost the iPhone Nano up to 16GB along with dropping the 4GB limited edition, it could well make sense.

There are also whispers that Apple customers can gain look forward to the activate-in-home option, but we’ll just have to wait for any confirmation on these whispers.

Source — appleinsider