T-Mobile Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband: £2 per hour

T-Mobile has a new Pay as you go Mobile broadband service aimed especially at customers who do not want to be tied into a contract.

To get the T-Mobile unlimited broadband up and running you will need to purchase a £50 T-Mobile Broadband USB stick 110/dongle initially and then pay £2 for a day’s usage, £10 for a week and £20 who an entire month. You get a short 30 days cancellation period, access to WiFi hotspots and a 3GB fair usage policy and there are no other hidden charges.

But, if you would prefer to go on a two year contract with T-Mobile they will throw in the USB dongle, and you will get 3GB data transfer allowance for just £15 a month, so if you are a high internet user this may be worth considering.

Source: itproportal