How well will Google Android Phone do?

The release day of Google’s Android based handset, the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 (wish they’d settle on a standard name!) will soon be upon us, but just how well will the first Android “gPhone” do?

There has for sometime now been quite a bit of coverage on this new OS, and being backed by such a big name as Google, people may be expecting something miraculous.

But really, a mobile phone’s OS can only do so much, and must be limited in just how different it can actually be from the other OS’s like Windows Mobile or BlackBerry.

Once the Android is out there, who knows, maybe the general public won’t like it, maybe they’ll love it, but unless it can offer something more than all the rest, a better experience or some super wiz technology new to the mobile phone business, the Google Android will probably be just another flash in the pan until another new news item becomes available.

Well that’s my take on it, so what’s yours? Just how well do you thing the Google Android phone will fair?